Our facilities are equipped with everything necessary to work in the most efficient and productive way possible. We are a model company: modern and demanding. Capable of handling 3000 tonnes daily, we have a hall of over 2,000 m² (fitted with a shaving storage area and subsequent separation and collection of cutting fluid) and an area of over 15,000 m². The scrapyard has an office building with disabled access, a storage hall, two weighing machines with radioactivity detector panels, a press and shear machine, and ample storage space.


In order to manage our storage, distribution and truck loading/unloading in the best possible way, our facilities include:

• LIEBHERR 550 wheel loader
• LIEBHERR 924 hydraulic excavator
• LIEBHERR 934 hydraulic excavator
• LIEBHERR 904 hydraulic magnet
• Manual alloy composition analyser

For cutting, shearing, packaging and sifting materials:

• MOROS-1000 Press-Shear
• Aided by a 25 meter SERAM crane arm
• LIEBHERR 922 hydraulic shear
• Sifter

For scrap removal and supply:

• 3 Trailers: two trailers equipped with cranes
• 2 truck, 3 axles: Two rectangular containers and a container equipped with a hydraulic crane
• 1 truck, 3 axles for conical containers
• More than 100 different types of containers


HIERCOR S.A. works with both ferrous and non ferrous scrap metal:

• Ferrous: 4A Packages, 4C Packages, CAT.50 Drawing, Rail, OA Special, OA, OXICORTE, Scrap 1-2, Cast iron and escarpments, Shavings...

• Non-ferrous: Nickel, Copper, Brass, Stainless Steel of different grades, Zinc, Aluminum, Manganese, Engines, Ferroalloys


Polígono Altune, 6

Parcela D, 20212


T: +34 943 88 17 07