We are a non-hazardous waste management company with over 50 years experience in the metal recovery sector. We have steadilygrown and our business framework encompasses both the domestic and the international markets. Nowadays, scrap metal importation is one of the cornerstones of our business model. Thanks to our continuous improvement and our good work, we are positioned as a model company in the sector. We are a 21st century company.
Our activities range from: shearing, packaging, recycling and separation of iron and metal, scrap metal collection and industrial scrapyards.


We engage in the sale of ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal in the north of Spain. We cover the entire process, from the collection and sorting of the scrap, through to its classification depending on its features, right up to shearing and packing. All this is done with the most efficient processes and methods, which are carried out by our highly qualified our staff. This is how we meet the needs of the most important steel plants with high quality products and services.


Our vision is to continue following our continuous improvement policy, to always have the best processes in order to operate in a wider market, with our sights set on exportation, in addition to continuing all our usual activities, and using environmental protection as a fundamental element in our business model.


Environmental commitment: We understand the repercussions that the metal recovery process has on the environment. It is a very real social problem that we at HIERCOR S.A. are committed to and we are continually working to reduce our environmental impact to a minimum.

Leadership: To be a leading company in all aspects, from human capital to processes.This is how we offer our customers and suppliers the best possible service.

Clarity and Transparency: We always act under this policy. In HIERCOR S.A. we like to speak openly with our customers and suppliers and we are transparent in our processes. We do not hide anything.

Human Capital: We are fully committed to the training of our employees. They are our greatest and most important asset and we take care of them as such.


Polígono Altune, 6

Parcela D, 20212


T: +34 943 88 17 07